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The luck factor

The luck factor, or rather the way one manipulates it, could easily be considered one of the most important factors in poker. Have you ever noticed how good poker players tend to be luckier than the rest of the field on a pretty consistent basis? That’s because they’ve learned to manage the luck factor, and – although they could never possibly befriend her – they’ve struck some sort of a deal with Lady Luck.

Some experts say, good poker players can go as far as to create their own luck at the green felt. Though I feel like that statement is a bit of a long-shot, I do agree that there are several things a player can do to force Lady Luck’s hand a little. All those tiny edges add up in the long-run though, creating a very noticeable advantage for the good player, who essentially contributes to his own luck this way.

One of the most straightforward and easiest ways to “make yourself luckier” is to sign up for a rakeback deal, or better yet, a poker prop deal. Rakeback doesn’t require any sort of special skills, and the sign-up process only takes up a few seconds of your time. Rakeback is a sign-up and forget kind of setup. You’ll forget you’re even playing with rake rebate, until you’re reminded of it at the end of the month in a most pleasant manner, when the rakeback money is transferred into your account.

All the other means to twist Lady Luck’s arm take a certain level of skill. Making use of your table image is one of the best ways to create your own luck at the table. The table image is a powerful weapon whether you play online or offline, and all good poker players are adept at twisting and turning it around. Your table image is made up of your general table image and your micro table image. Your general table image defines you as a poker player. This image is the one players will pick up on, after you play a few hands at the table. Your opponents will decide whether you’re a TAG player, a Loose-aggressive fish or a loose aggressive shark. Everything that you do at the table will be viewed by your opponents through the lens of your general table image.

Your micro table image is an image you create for yourself through the last few relevant hands that you play. This image is constantly changing, and this is the image that you’ll be able to take advantage of. Make no mistake, you cannot actually create luck through exploiting your micro table image. What you can do though is to create favorable circumstances for luck.

You don’t have to strive to achieve a certain type of table image either. Just play your usual game in the beginning and let players pick up on your real image. Once you know what they think of you and you know how they view you, you can switch gears and start to make them pay for it.

While each and every table image can be exploited (it doesn’t matter what your table image is) it is imperative that you be flexible enough to be able to switch gears. Beginners often get stuck in a rut and they just can’t change pace. One of the keys points to becoming successful in cash games is the ability to switch gears back and forth and to keep it up constantly, always being fully aware of your micro image. Your general image isn’t that big an issue online, if you’re an unknown player. It becomes much more important in live games though, where you’ll have to compensate for it through your micro image. In online cash games, the micro image is the key.