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The luck factor

The luck factor, or rather the way one manipulates it, could easily be considered one of the most important factors in poker. Have you ever noticed how good poker players tend to be luckier than the rest of the field on a pretty consistent basis? That’s because they’ve learned to manage the luck factor, and – although they could never possibly befriend her – they’ve struck some sort of a deal with Lady Luck.

Some experts say, good poker players can go as far as to create their own luck at the green felt. Though I feel like that statement is a bit of a long-shot, I do agree that there are several things a player can do to force Lady Luck’s hand a little. All those tiny edges add up in the long-run though, creating a very noticeable advantage for the good player, who essentially contributes to his own luck this way.

One of the most straightforward and easiest ways to “make yourself luckier” is to sign up for a rakeback deal, or better yet, a poker prop deal. Rakeback doesn’t require any sort of special skills, and the sign-up process only takes up a few seconds of your time. Rakeback is a sign-up and forget kind of setup. You’ll forget you’re even playing with rake rebate, until you’re reminded of it at the end of the month in a most pleasant manner, when the rakeback money is transferred into your account.

All the other means to twist Lady Luck’s arm take a certain level of skill. Making use of your table image is one of the best ways to create your own luck at the table. The table image is a powerful weapon whether you play online or offline, and all good poker players are adept at twisting and turning it around. Your table image is made up of your general table image and your micro table image. Your general table image defines you as a poker player. This image is the one players will pick up on, after you play a few hands at the table. Your opponents will decide whether you’re a TAG player, a Loose-aggressive fish or a loose aggressive shark. Everything that you do at the table will be viewed by your opponents through the lens of your general table image.

Your micro table image is an image you create for yourself through the last few relevant hands that you play. This image is constantly changing, and this is the image that you’ll be able to take advantage of. Make no mistake, you cannot actually create luck through exploiting your micro table image. What you can do though is to create favorable circumstances for luck.

You don’t have to strive to achieve a certain type of table image either. Just play your usual game in the beginning and let players pick up on your real image. Once you know what they think of you and you know how they view you, you can switch gears and start to make them pay for it.

While each and every table image can be exploited (it doesn’t matter what your table image is) it is imperative that you be flexible enough to be able to switch gears. Beginners often get stuck in a rut and they just can’t change pace. One of the keys points to becoming successful in cash games is the ability to switch gears back and forth and to keep it up constantly, always being fully aware of your micro image. Your general image isn’t that big an issue online, if you’re an unknown player. It becomes much more important in live games though, where you’ll have to compensate for it through your micro image. In online cash games, the micro image is the key.

Sharpen Your Strategy on the Fly with Fast Poker!

If there is one thing that you must remember about poker, it’s that you must be as strategic as possible. Gone are the days where you can play with your gut. We’re sorry to break it to you, but you just can’t play that way and hope to win serious money. You are going to have to correct course and make sure that you have things under control as much as possible. By control, we mean that you have a solid strategy that you can evolve over time.

Usually poker players get this only half right. They start with strategy but the trouble is that they never really grow out of the strategy that they’ve created. They think that it’s not necessary, and they end up having serious problems getting things done. Do you really want to put yourself through that? Probably not! You probably would like to actually get more done through strategy that can grow with you.

Even when we think that we have a rock solid strategy, there will eventually come someone that can break it. Why put yourself through the pain of having to lose just because you weren’t willing to change.

One of the top ways to get more strategy exposure to change things up is through fast poker — this is offered through iGame.

iGame is a fun casino, and fast poker is an attraction that really pulls a lot of people in. if you really want to make sure that you are getting what you need to play good poker, you would do well to mix things up now and then.

What’s nice about playing fast poker is that when you don’t want to deal with a hand, you can simply discard it. This action will push you to another table. As you can see, you are definitely not playing poker with the same people over and over again.

Being exposed to as many people as possible is the best way to really sharpen your skills. Even when you think that you’re playing good poker, you might be surprised if you really looked at your statistics objectively. Every poker player wants to get better — even the top professionals in the world who are already pretty good. Just because you’re winning big pots and making money doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be better at least part of the way. Why not look into playing some fast poker today? Your skills will thank you later!

Going To a Casino Without Leaving Your House – Yes, You Can!

In the past, going to a casino often meant having to get out of your house and into the car. From there it was usually a long road trip to a riverboat casino or a casino that is located on private land elsewhere. This often meant a casino trip cost a lot of money before you even have a chance to gamble — what type of fun experience could that really be? Now, we’re definitely not trying to mock Vegas or any of the true casino destinations of the world. However, we do have to say that it’s quite possible to go to a casino without leaving your house.

The secret? The online casino, of course! This is the perfect era for the online casino to rise in popularity. People are looking for ways to keep their old habits without having to spend extra money just to do so. If you really want to make sure that you have your entertainment source intact without spending extra money, online gambling is really where it’s at.

Even if you have gambling opportunities close to you, you might be tired of them. The same group of people might be constantly at the tables, and you might need a change of social scenery as well. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. If you find yourself in this position, that means that going to a casino online is really a much better answer.

Yet how do you really get started without feeling like you’re not wasting your time or money? Well, you will need to stop and really think about the type of casino games that you want to play. If you are a person that likes to play a lot of bingo, then you will naturally want to pick a casino online that features a lot of different bingo rooms. This gives you not only a chance to play bingo to your heart’s content, but you also get to meet a lot of people that you would most likely never meet in your life.

It might take some time to find a casino that you like, but once you do it’ll become much more than just a gambling center. It’ll become a trusted place that you can go to have the time of your life, meet new people, and win big. After all, if you don’t have a chance to win then it’s not going to be fun, and why would you want to deal with that?

Bingo Fans, Make Sure To Read a Site’s Terms and Conditions First!

When you’re thinking about diving into a new bingo site, it can feel like the most exciting feeling in the world. However what you are going to have to realize is that there’s a lot more to life than what’s seen on the surface. If you’re going to put real money into the world of bingo, you really need to make sure that you’re reading through a site’s terms and conditions before playing. A lot of players think that they will be safe, and they end up accidentally violating something that was already spelled out. These sites don’t spend the time and even legal expense to list what is considered acceptable on their property just for you to ignore them.

That’s right, it’s true — a bingo site is the property of a business, usually a corporation. This means that you are on their property and you have to be subject to their rules. Usually, a business just wants to make sure that many people can enjoy what they have to offer at all times. It’s nothing personal.

Take Spin & Win Bingo. This is a site that definitely loves to make players happy, but they can’t do that unless everyone is following the rules.

However, it’s not just about following some set of rules. It’s also about having a good time, and knowing where you stand. For example, if you look at the Spin and Win reverse page you’ll actually find out how much money you can withdraw at a single time. Some people like to know exactly what will happen to their money and how they can get it out. This is what that page was designed to answer.

It also makes it easier for the support team of the site to handle the problems that players have without having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Don’t fear a site’s terms and conditions — embrace it! Be happy that they have taken the time to create rules that ultimately create a great site for everyone to play at.

Of course, terms and conditions usually spell out how bonuses are applied, making them very important. If you’re trying to make sure you get the maximum bonus to help you gameplay, this is the section to check out.

Overall, it’s all about having a great time, so don’t give up on that! Have fun!

The Importance of Customer Support at an Online Casino

When checking out an online casino for the first time, many players tend to look at the more obvious features of the site – the bonuses and promotions on offer, the games variety, the software provider and the licensing accreditation.  We’re not saying that these aren’t important features to check out, but one thing that some players may overlook is the customer support offered by the online casino. That is extremely important if you play videopoker online games online.

Good customer support is not a given.  Many online casinos spend plenty of money on promos and marketing hype, but forget to distribute funds to their support team.  As such, they may be attracting players, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of daily playing, when players suddenly require assistance with game rules, bonus requirements and cash withdrawals, the support is insufficient.

Choose online casino sites for their customer support as well. There are ways to do a spot check as to how efficient the support team really is.  First of all, make sure that there are several ways to reach support.  A lone email address and nothing else doesn’t look very promising.  When you find the contact information of a particular site, send them a request with a random query.  “Can you explain the difference between game X and Y?” or “What are the wager through requirements for bonus Z?”  See how long it takes the customer support team to reply, and check their response. Did it answer the question properly? Was the reply professional and friendly?”

All this is extremely important, because you want to know that when you REALLY need them, you’ll get the response you want in a reasonable amount of time, by team members who know what they’re talking about and who are clearly willing to help you out with any query – big or small.

There is No Time Like the Present To Check out the Best Cash Games

One of the things that newcomers to the world of casino gambling online do is marvel at just how many options you really have. Some people love to play poker, while other people love to play slots. It’s really up to you to figure out what you like to play and how you like to play it.

One of the best ways to go is to figure out where you want to actually play at. The right casino makes casino gambling online so enjoyable compared to when you play a casino that only exists to give you grief. So what casino makes sense? 888 Casino is one of the first ones that come to mind, but there’s definitely a reason for that.

First and foremost, the sheer number of games available is downright staggering. You might actually need a few weekends before you have covered every variation that there is on the site.

Some of the best cash games online are available at this casino, and we’re really into cash games lately for a wide variety of reasons. For starters it’s something that you can play right away. There’s no lessons to learn and no forums to comb through before you feel comfortable enough to put real money into the game. Many cash games are based off of free games that you’ve probably heard of, like Monopoly and Bejeweled and even a few other games of that nature. It’s up to you to figure out what game you want to play. And yes, if you’re looking to win serious money you can do that too. After all, would it really be called a cash game if you couldn’t win real cash?

Money is everything when it comes to gambling, and we have found that 888 Casino really goes out of their way to make their gamblers feel at home and welcome — no matter what game they decide to play. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing cash games for your primary source of entertainment. When you pair classic games with the ability to win money, things get interesting. You will absolutely love taking a weekend day and just seeing how much money you can win — and since it doesn’t cost all that much for each play, you might want to start today! Who knows how much you could win?

Pokerstars Review

Pokerstars is currently the largest online poker room around. Founded in 2001 it has attracted professional players and newbies alike.

Pokerstars offers a huge variety of games from Omaha hi-lo, SHOE, RAZZ , Badugi, HORSE, HOSE and Seven card stud. With a huge variety of tournament and cash games. They are offering super low stake cash games ($0.01/$0.02) with absolutely no rake-back. Perfect for beginners who want to develop their skills without having to bet big. For the sharks out there they offer high stakes cash games and large buy-in tournies.

As Pokerstars is the market leader they offer many satellites and packages into major events, including the European Poker Tournament and World Series Of Poker. They also have a huge list of professional players signed up and playing on the site. They include number one on the all time money list pro Daniel Negreanu, EPT winner Vicky Coren and Chris moneymaker. They all can be found regularly playing in mixed table tournaments.

Pokerstars software is easy to download and simple to use. they offer platforms for Macs and PCs with exactly the same features for both. The surface is simple and you can easily navigate yourself around the site, with an advanced search filter which will help you find the game that is perfect for you. They also offer changeable skins, so you can create your poker room to suit your taste.

The sites most prominent tournament is the Sunday $1.5 million, with a buy in of $215. Also there is the new Sunday Quarter Million, which allows everyone a piece of the cash for a $10 buy-in attracting between 25000 to 30000 players weekly. The also run satellites into this tournament for as little as $1 so everyone has a chance.

It is estimated that Pokerstars worth is over $2billion! Making it the largest gambling related company around. And it shows no sign of slowing down, having dealt it’s 25billion hand in February 09.

The verdict, Pokerstars definitely comes number 1 on the list of online poker sites, offering a huge variety of games, with stakes and buy-ins suitable for all levels. Combined with perfect software that runs smoothly no matter how many players are in the tournament. Pokerstars is one to try, after all you never know who you may be sitting next to.


Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman has earned herself the reputation as one of the toughest and most consistent female poker players around.

Her total winnings amass $2,377,215 currently placing her 176th on the all time money list. She is the only woman in the world to have 2 World Series of Poker bracelets, and has cashed numerous times in on the final tables – impressive stuff.

She’s also a shark online and is signed up to full tilt poker, where she can be seen frequenting the high stake cash games under the user-name ‘jenifferharman’.

But Jennifer has been playing for almost 30 years in fact by the time she was just 8 years old she was competing in poker games for cash – and winning! She turned professional for over ten years, but admitted that went she first started out she went broke after making the common mistake of not playing within her bankroll. However her persistence and determination paid off, she borrowed some money learnt from her past mistakes and made a huge comeback.

Jennifer also does a lot of work for charity, starting up her own charity – something which is close to home as she had a kidney transplant in 2008. She even hosted a special Charity poker night for this cause which raised in excess of $111000 – amazing!

Currently married to her high school sweetheart, they live with their two children. Despite her rise to poker stardom Harman likes to stay level headed and describing her biggest ambition in life is to be a good mother.

A daily dose of bingo keeps you happy!

Online bingo has been around for a while now and is still stealing the show by its convenience and fun factor. What can be a more better way to relax than play a game of online bingo after a hectic day of stress and worries? It has become a popular pastime activity among the players worldwide.

The bingo sites provide enticing bonuses, unique set of games and stunning promotions round the clock which motivate you to click on your favourite game of bingo. One such bingo site which has reached an adequate level of popularity in a short span of time is New Look Bingo.

game of bingo

The moment you register on the site, your account instantly gets credited with free no deposit bonus of £5. With this you can try out the set of free bingo games. Also, once you make a minimum qualifying deposit of £10 you get a massive 500% welcome bonus which makes £65 to play with! Such striking bonuses surely give you an opportunity to play free but win for real.

On this site you can experience gaming on a combination of traditional 90 ball bingo and newly patterned – 75 ball bingo or 80 ball bingo games. Also you can savor on some high end slots such as Avalon II or Fluffy Favourites and unique casino games to treat yourself like never before.

Fun-filled chat games with some of the coolest chat hosts keep you entertained throughout your bingo session. In the process, you can also socialize with players through the interactive chat feature on the site.

You can venture on all the exciting aspects of New Look Bingo both on your laptop and mobile browsers. The site is mobile optimized and you can get access to the games any time on the move.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and play bingo games on New look Bingo to shout out your victory today! Also, do not forget to sneak a peek at the eye-catching deals and promotions that the site offers.

Omaha Poker Rules Guide

It is obvious that in order to play Omaha poker and win, you have to master Omaha poker rules first. Those who are unfamiliar with poker games variety should know that Omaha is very similar to Texas hold’em poker. However there are few major differences between these games.

Just as in hold’em poker rules, in Omaha there are common cards and players cards. Common cards are dealt in the middle face up and players get their cards face down. However, by Hi Lo Omaha rules players are allowed to play only two of their cards and three common cards.

Also, by Omaha Hi Lo card poker rules gamblers play a ‘split’ game, so not only the highest, but also the lowest hands are considered to be winning. As it was said earlier, players are only allowed to use two of their own and three common cards to form their high and low hands and players with highest and lowest hands win the pot, which they split.

When players get basic rules figured out they can move on to learning hand selection techniques for high and low hands as well as learning some advanced Omaha poker strategies like cooperation, scooping and others. Remember – practice makes perfect. With this in mind, look for a decent online casino, pick a game and get playing for free until you get comfortable with it. After that you can create and account, make an initial deposit, play for real cash and have fun.