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Omaha Poker Rules Guide

It is obvious that in order to play Omaha poker and win, you have to master Omaha poker rules first. Those who are unfamiliar with poker games variety should know that Omaha is very similar to Texas hold’em poker. However there are few major differences between these games.

Just as in hold’em poker rules, in Omaha there are common cards and players cards. Common cards are dealt in the middle face up and players get their cards face down. However, by Hi Lo Omaha rules players are allowed to play only two of their cards and three common cards.

Also, by Omaha Hi Lo card poker rules gamblers play a ‘split’ game, so not only the highest, but also the lowest hands are considered to be winning. As it was said earlier, players are only allowed to use two of their own and three common cards to form their high and low hands and players with highest and lowest hands win the pot, which they split.

When players get basic rules figured out they can move on to learning hand selection techniques for high and low hands as well as learning some advanced Omaha poker strategies like cooperation, scooping and others. Remember – practice makes perfect. With this in mind, look for a decent online casino, pick a game and get playing for free until you get comfortable with it. After that you can create and account, make an initial deposit, play for real cash and have fun.