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How to play Pocket aces

Poker is a rather complex game, especially if you usually play slot games or roulette games, which obviously do not require the same set of skills poker does. Games like bingo are great when you want a break from a lot of math and just want to have some fun. As opposed to games based mainly on chance, such as the aforementioned pair of games, as well as others (craps, bingo, and even blackjack to some extent), the element of chance in poker is relatively minor, which is quite evident by the fact the certain players remain very successful over time (which any logical human being would attribute to their skills rather than “good luck”.)

Mastering the game becomes even more important when you are playing some specific versions of poker.

It doesn´t matter if you play poker or any other poker room – this article explains different schools of thought on how to play AA pre-flop in NL Texas hold-em games. Of course the beautiful thing about poker is how everyone has their own style of play. Some prefer raising heavily when in position, while others like to slow-play and of course neither is right, however there are some tips that will always give you the edge mathematically and are strongly worth adhering to. These tips can be used if you play other poker room or any other online casino.

Pocket Aces

So your heart beats a bit faster as you find yourself with AA, ‘woohoo’ the best possible hole cards, probability wise you are only likely to get them once in every 221 hands, but how are you going to play them?

Too often then not you see people going ‘all-in’ with aces pre-flop when playing poker, with no action before them. This is a dangerous move as going all-in discourages action from others – especially if no one has called behind you. Best to make a small raise, to encourage others with smaller pairs – say pocket 10’s to make a big move, then it would be acceptable to re-raise all in. After all you don’t want to scare everyone off and end up with just taking the blinds. By flat calling you are letting low hands sneak in, giving them the chance to see free cards and hit something. Personally I think playing aces is about finding that perfect balance between getting the lower cards out and keeping high pairs and stronger hands in, maximizing the pot and cutting your losses.

Make sure you always stay on top of your online gambling opponent and stick to a strategy that works for you no matter if you play poker or online slots. You don’t want the casino or poker players to take an upper hand.

Some people like to slow-play their aces, to trap others into making a big move, this does work but there are some important things to consider. If there are 4 or more people in the pot then you are no longer the favourite to win, you should re-raise to push others out to give yourself stronger odds.  Also you want to build the pot up, by not raising at all you are not attaching value to your hand and you are not building up that pot if you do win big.

But the best advice I can give to playing pocket ace is not to follow a strict regime, or to adhere to the words of someone else you have read in a book. But treat each situation differently, remember the all important factors, position, blinds, stack size, playing style of others and your own gut instincts. Then you are surely onto a winner – good luck!

Remember, when it gets too frustrating or feels too complicated, you can always take a break and back to playing more laid back games gambling games like online slots, or even some non gambling related games like farmville and other facebook favorites, or even the infamous bubbles shooter. You can find many other distractions too, just remember you should only play poker if you enjoy it. Don’t be driven by greed, and also, remember to play responsibly.

If you get tired of playing video poker and would like to give something else a try, keno online is for you. You can play for fun or for money – your choice!