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Go Beyond Poker – Bingo Fun Is Waiting For You!

We have a confession to make: we’re really, really, really into poker. So much so that it hurts at times when we lose. We read a lot of poker books. We read a lot of poker blogs. And if we mentioned how many poker forums we watch, you might think that we need to be deemed certifiably insane. However, we can admit that we have a problem and look for a solution.

Now, you might assume that the solution is to go ahead and give up all casino games completely. But that’s just not realistic — something that you really love shouldn’t poison other games, right? Right! We think that if you’re in the same boat as us that you should start looking at a life beyond poker but still within the world of gambling.

You might not realize it at first, but there’s something really special about good old-fashioned bingo fun! You’re going to have a lot of chances to socialize and meet new people in ways that just aren’t as obvious when it comes to other casino games. Since you’re not really competing against people, there’s no need to be mean or even all that competitive. In the world of bingo, everyone truly has a chance to win something. There are even bingo games that emphasize everyone winning at least a small prize.

You really don’t know what you’re missing out on until you actually check it out for yourself. If you’re looking for bingo fun then it really does make sense to start looking at a good bingo hall online that’s going to meet your needs. Finding a casino with a bingo component might not get you what you’re really looking fro. Focus on a casino that really doesn’t offer anything aside form bingo. There’s nothing that says that you have to leave the casino where you’re playing poker. Just add a little something new to your casino gambling for the best results around — you really won’t be disappointed!

Of course, we can’t talk about bingo without talking about the bonuses. If you thought that casino welcome packages were only for poker, you definitely need to check out bingo as soon as you can — the bonuses are wonderful!

Online bingo’s immense popularity and growth

Have you ever wondered how online bingo sites picked up so much popularity? Bingo has been played right through the ages in various countries. From being a game that a few favored people could play, it is now a worldwide phenomenon. But it’s only select countries that gambling especially online gambling is legal; UK, Italy, Australia, Spain, etc being among them. Bingo has gone from being a simple game of lucky numbers, now has evolved to a much higher and advance style of gaming.

Wide selection of games and offers

Online bingo sites use sophisticated software to not only incorporate different variants of bingo games viz 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, etc but a multitude of other casino games as well. That’s not all, online bingo sites also give out massive prizes and have all kinds of offers that players can benefit immensely from. While playing online, one becomes familiar with bonuses which nothing but extra money that players are rewarded with, which they can in turn use for playing more games. Most online bingo sites are very lenient with their bonus offers and thus players don’t really have to spend much while playing online.

Free Bingo

As soon as you become a member of a site, there are many benefits that you can reap, free bingo being one among them. GameVillage bingo regularly gives their players the option of playing for free. For instance, players can participate in Facebook contests and win free tickets to the site’s 90-ball room‘Unplugged.’

More freebies

Freebies are nothing but extra bonuses and anything else that might come to you additionally viz free tickets, free spins, cash vouchers, etc. On GameVillage, players are given a welcome offer, wherein they get additional bonuses along with a free spin on their Fortune Wheel. Here, players are guaranteed to win more prizes.

While looking to play on any online bingo site and especially while searching for free bingo sites, it is very important that you register with sites that offer a secure playing environment. GameVillage is licensed and registered in the Isle of Mann, so players have nothing to worry about while playing on this particular site.

Bingo Fans, Make Sure To Read a Site’s Terms and Conditions First!

When you’re thinking about diving into a new bingo site, it can feel like the most exciting feeling in the world. However what you are going to have to realize is that there’s a lot more to life than what’s seen on the surface. If you’re going to put real money into the world of bingo, you really need to make sure that you’re reading through a site’s terms and conditions before playing. A lot of players think that they will be safe, and they end up accidentally violating something that was already spelled out. These sites don’t spend the time and even legal expense to list what is considered acceptable on their property just for you to ignore them.

That’s right, it’s true — a bingo site is the property of a business, usually a corporation. This means that you are on their property and you have to be subject to their rules. Usually, a business just wants to make sure that many people can enjoy what they have to offer at all times. It’s nothing personal.

Take Spin & Win Bingo. This is a site that definitely loves to make players happy, but they can’t do that unless everyone is following the rules.

However, it’s not just about following some set of rules. It’s also about having a good time, and knowing where you stand. For example, if you look at the Spin and Win reverse page you’ll actually find out how much money you can withdraw at a single time. Some people like to know exactly what will happen to their money and how they can get it out. This is what that page was designed to answer.

It also makes it easier for the support team of the site to handle the problems that players have without having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Don’t fear a site’s terms and conditions — embrace it! Be happy that they have taken the time to create rules that ultimately create a great site for everyone to play at.

Of course, terms and conditions usually spell out how bonuses are applied, making them very important. If you’re trying to make sure you get the maximum bonus to help you gameplay, this is the section to check out.

Overall, it’s all about having a great time, so don’t give up on that! Have fun!

A daily dose of bingo keeps you happy!

Online bingo has been around for a while now and is still stealing the show by its convenience and fun factor. What can be a more better way to relax than play a game of online bingo after a hectic day of stress and worries? It has become a popular pastime activity among the players worldwide.

The bingo sites provide enticing bonuses, unique set of games and stunning promotions round the clock which motivate you to click on your favourite game of bingo. One such bingo site which has reached an adequate level of popularity in a short span of time is New Look Bingo.

game of bingo

The moment you register on the site, your account instantly gets credited with free no deposit bonus of £5. With this you can try out the set of free bingo games. Also, once you make a minimum qualifying deposit of £10 you get a massive 500% welcome bonus which makes £65 to play with! Such striking bonuses surely give you an opportunity to play free but win for real.

On this site you can experience gaming on a combination of traditional 90 ball bingo and newly patterned – 75 ball bingo or 80 ball bingo games. Also you can savor on some high end slots such as Avalon II or Fluffy Favourites and unique casino games to treat yourself like never before.

Fun-filled chat games with some of the coolest chat hosts keep you entertained throughout your bingo session. In the process, you can also socialize with players through the interactive chat feature on the site.

You can venture on all the exciting aspects of New Look Bingo both on your laptop and mobile browsers. The site is mobile optimized and you can get access to the games any time on the move.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and play bingo games on New look Bingo to shout out your victory today! Also, do not forget to sneak a peek at the eye-catching deals and promotions that the site offers.

Paul the Octopus joins Play2Win Bingo

Admittedly, we all scoffed when we heard the news of a psychic octopus who was predicting the outcome of Germany’s matches in the World Cup, but we were all left a little bit bewildered after the octopus actually proved his psychic abilities by predicting all of the match outcomes correctly!

Now it seems that one bingo site wants to get in on the psychic action and Play2Win bingo have just launched their own Paul the octopus bonus selector, and Paul could help you to win a special lucky bonus.

Yes, when you sign up you will be introduced to the cute pink and blue octopus called Paul and when you deposit £25 he will select a special lucky bonus for you, choosing from 4 different boxes. Let’s hope that Paul is just as good at picking boxes in the bingo world as he is in the football world!

As well as Paul’s premiere at the Play2Win bingo site, there is also loads more going on for all you bingo lovers out there! Yes you can also play in the ‘Double Play Double Your Win’ morning game over at the site, where you enter to play once, but have the chance to win two prizes – not bad I’m sure you’ll agree!

There’s also the brilliant ‘Fortune Fever’ game that is currently on offer until the end of August. This nifty little game gives you bingo fans the opportunity to win a small fortune, by bingo-ing on the right number.

There’s also some fantastic free bingo games on offer too – with 2 every hour, as well as BOGOF bingo which is running constantly, so there’s plenty to keep you bingo lovers entertained, so why not head over to the site today for some great bingo online offers and sign up to meet Paul the octopus!